If you are having a difficult time tracking down a part for your hot tub we can probably help point you in the right direction.

Send us an email including as much info as you can about the part, make and model of your hot tub.

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Help for hot tub owners whose dealer no longer exists

Unfortunately the last few years of economic uncertainty has had an impact on the hot tub industry not unlike the impact it has had in most. As a result hot tub retailers worldwide have been forced to close their doors. Unfortunately for hot tub owners that can leave them out in the cold, so to speak. If this describes you and you would like an independent 2nd opinion on how to proceed with any problems you may have, complete the contact form here.

Independent product reviews of products

Considering purchasing a hot tub but there doesn’t seem to be too much information about it available. If it is a hot tub, there is a good chance that our members have sold it, serviced it, or know something about it. Send us an email and one of our members will find you the relevant links – good or bad – regarding the product. Simply contact us.

Water Chemistry

Maintaining your hot tub water can be either a breeze or a maintenance nightmare. The fear of how much work is involved in taking care a spa is one of the largest factors stopping families from making the decision to purchase.

Most hot tub specialty stores have computerized water chemistry monitoring systems.

It costs money to provide you with this type of service so you should consider that in your buying process. A trained water chemistry expert with the correct equipment can make maintaining your hot tub very easy.


Electrical Hook-up

The advice here is very straight-forward. Protect your family and have your hot tub hooked up by a certified electrician. Before you buy a hot tub be certain that it has all of the necessary certifications required to have it installed.

If the seller insists on having their electrician do the spa hook-up this is a good indication that they are trying to break the rules. Remember- you only get one chance when you mix water and electricity.

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