All Municipalities require the acquirement of proper permits before allowing the installation of a portable electric spa.

One of the requirements of the permit is that the spa to be installed must have valid electrical and safety certification confirming that they comply with applicable safety Standards.

The North American Safety Standards to which portable electric spas must comply are:

Canada: CAN/CSA_C22.2 No.218.1-M89
USA: UL 1563

Commonly products will claim to have the necessary approvals but are not approved to the correct standard. Often you will see hot tubs with approved components but where the unit as a whole is not tested to the correct standard. In order to be certified the entire unit needs to be certified! For example: Adding a component such as a certified control system does not mean that the hot tub is certified.

Where to look on a spa to determine if the spa complies with the applicable Standard.

Every spa must have a label which is visible that lists the following:

  • Manufacturer name or logo
  • Model
  • Ratings (Voltage and Current)
  • Testing Agency logo or mark complete with the control number of the manufacturing facility
  • The standards to which the spa complies
  • Manufacturing date or code

Labels however, may be misleading and certifications may not be up to date.

The best way to determine if the spa that you are looking at is certified is to ask to see an Authorization to Mark document that is provided by the testing agency and check it to ensure that the specific model is included on the document.

Another way to check is to do so online. Most accredited testing agencies have online directories where you can find all of the current listings. The online listings are usually the most current available. If the product is not specifically listed right down to the model, it probably is not correctly certified and you should look for a different spa

Links to the main accredited testing laboratories and their certified product directories: (click to visit)

  • UL
  • Intertek
  • CSA
  • TUV Rhienland
  • TUV America