The Ultimate Staycation Promotion


Families all over the world love their time in their hot tub. Whether it is for therapy, socialization, relaxation, or just spending quality time with those you love – there is no doubt that hot tubs make you feel good!

Through our Ultimate Staycation campaign we try to promote the great value that a family can get from investing in a hot tub. Across Canada you will see the Ultimate Staycation logo displayed in store, at events, or in multi-media advertising.

Take the plunge and discover what we have known for a long time – it is easy to love your hot tub.

To enter to win a “Ultimate Staycation’” promotional item simply contact us and type the words “Enter Contest” in the comment field. Click here to go to the Contact Us page.

*NOTE: If you include pictures, stories, or other interesting things which tell us why you love hot tubbing you will be entered in the grand prize draw for a hot tub package from any one of our members.