Membership Benefits

As our organization grows, so will the benefits to members. If you have suggestions, please let us know. The current benefits include:

Logos: Only certified Hot Tub Star members can display our logo. Shoppers will perceive this as an independent vote of confidence in your company or product, which could have a significant impact on their buying decision.

Insider News: Members are sent breaking industry news as it happens. We monitor government initiatives and legal proceedings, pick out the relevant news and provide it to members in a concise independent format.

Potential Customers: As the awareness of our organization grows, the public will increasingly come to us for advice about where to buy hot tub products and services. As a member, your contact and bio information is listed on our website, We will also receive email enquires and requests through our website, which in many cases we will need to pass on to our members.

Membership Costs

There is no membership fee or cost associated with being a member.

Membership Requirements

In order to become members companies are required to be approved by a committee of volunteer members at our quarterly membership meetings.

Once approved a member must continue to meet the requirements of the Hottubstar program in order to remain a member.

There is no fee involved in becoming a member. Members are asked to perform tasks in kind instead of payment.

Application Process

Manufacturers, Dealers, or Service Companies wishing to apply to become members of the Hottubstar program need only to send the following information to

A list of products by makes and models that your company sells.
A copy your safety certification documents (required by dealers whose manufacturer’s products are not listed as approved).

A copy of your CEC listing (required by dealers whose manufacturer’s products are not listed as approved).
Official company information and contact information.
Your application will be reviewed and processed at our next quarterly review conference.

If you application is approved you will receive electronic copy of the Hottubstar logo use agreement. When a signed copy is returned to us you will receive electronic copies of the logo which you will then be authorized to use in your marketing.