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Even though there is usually some room to negotiate on the purchase of a hot tub you need to be reasonable and like anything else you get what you pay for. If it seems to be too good to be true it probably is.

Check out the country of origin and be certain that you feel comfortable that you can contact the manufacturer direct if necessary ( see our page explaining how to tell)

Make certain that the product you choose is suited to your climate. If they haven’t bothered to register the efficiency of their spas with the California Energy commission then they probably haven’t spent any resources trying to be efficient or are too small to fit it into their budget.

Most well made hot tubs sell between 8-14K but just because it is pricey doesn’t mean it is good
Check out the warranty. Make sure that your supplier and their manufacturer is established long enough so you feel comfortable in the thought of them hopefully being around in the future to honor it, should something go wrong with your hot tub a few years down the road.

Water Chemistry

Maintaining your hot tub water can be either a breeze or a maintenance nightmare. The fear of how much work is involved in taking care a spa is one of the largest factors stopping families from making the decision to purchase.

Most hot tub specialty stores have computerized water chemistry monitoring systems.

It costs money to provide you with this type of service so you should consider that in your buying process. A trained water chemistry expert with the correct equipment can make maintaining your hot tub very easy.


Electrical Hook-up

The advice here is very straight-forward. Protect your family and have your hot tub hooked up by a certified electrician. Before you buy a hot tub be certain that it has all of the necessary certifications required to have it installed.

If the seller insists on having their electrician do the spa hook-up this is a good indication that they are trying to break the rules. Remember- you only get one chance when you mix water and electricity.

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