Hottubstar is an organization of hot tub industry companies and professionals. One of the primary goals is to provide public policy advocacy on behalf of the hot tub industry and the hot tub buying public. Hottubstar advocacy efforts focus on protecting and defending hot-tubbing, the industry, and the environment, as well as demonstrating the industries responsibility to provide safe products to consumers.

Promotion of the hot tub lifestyle and development of resources for hot tub users and interested hot tub users.
To increase hot tub market penetration and reduce attrition, Hottubstar seeks to overcome barriers to owning a hot tub (e.g., perceived value, ease of maintenance, etc.) by building consensus and cooperation throughout the experience chain.

Hottubstar identifies and educates new target markets, expanding access in the broadest sense.

Hottubstar promotes the hot tub lifestyle through all affordable means, and strives to maximize the value and campaigns it runs to bring awareness to the product category. Hottubstar also developed and manages the industry’s consumer marketing campaign “The Ultimate Staycation”.

Customer satisfaction through Hottubstar Certified.

Hottubstar educates, trains and certifies at all levels of the hot tub experience chain. These efforts enable the industry to continuously improve customer satisfaction with product, purchase, delivery, use and the after-sale service experiences, as well as measure improvement on an ongoing basis.

Lobbying of Regulating bodies to enforce the rules they have put in place.

The Hottubstar works daily to make certain that the rules put in place by regulating bodies are being enforced. It is the mandate of the the Hottubstar program to lobby federal, provincial, and local governments to protect consumer safety by enforcing the rules they have. All of these laws have been made to protect consumers and the public. They should be enforced.