Hot Tub Expos – BEWARE!

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These have been around for several years and you have probably seen them advertised heavily on television and radio when they are passing through your area.  The routine is that they are touted as a chance for consumers to shop several different brands under one roof and most consumers assume that this means “several different MANUFACTURERS”.

The reality is that it is a single manufacturer that makes several different brands of spas and they use their product lines to sell off of one another.  In other words, whichever spa you purchase at these expos, the money gets funneled to the same pocket.

High pressure, professional salespeople are hired to operate these tent sales and use every method at their disposal to close the deal fast and at the highest profit margin since they work on a commission-basis.

There is generally nothing wrong with that as it is capitalism at work, however, there is a long list of complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Reports, and other consumer-protection organizations regarding these outfits over the years.

Many customers complain that they paid for the product in full and then either never received their hot tub or a different spa was delivered than what they ordered (bait and switch). Please be aware that when you are shopping for a new hot tub or portable spa, there are those out there who operate in the dark gray area of business ethics.  Their methods are used in convincing unsuspecting consumers that they are offering quality products at below normal costs.

A con man’s greatest tool that he has is to exploit a person’s sincere desire to find a great deal. There are some great spa manufacturers and dealers still offering excellent spas and customer service.

These companies are willing to go above and beyond to keep their customers happy, so please give them a good look while you are shopping. All of us are consumers in some respect and everyone is looking for a great deal…just make sure that the deal is legitimate by doing your homework so that you don’t end up making a deal that gives you years of regret instead of years of enjoyment.

THAT is not the kind of hot water anyone wants!

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